Irish artist and photographer with a fondness for fog and mist.

Hi there, My name is Maggy, and I am an Irish artist & photographer.
My creative adventures began many years ago, not with photography, but with painting and drawing. I started to take photographs as inspiration for my paintings and drawings, but it didn't stop there. I had found a new way of making pictures and quickly immersed myself in learning the craft of photography.

It is not just the final images that are special to me, the whole process of making a photograph soothes my senses and nourishes my soul. Being in a beautiful location at dawn with the clean fresh air of a new day can have a stilling effect. Trying to capture that special calm and peace that you get early in the morning is a perfect way to start the day.

When you grow up in a country as beautiful as Ireland, it's hard not to have a deep appreciation for the beauty of the land. Looking at this world through a lens has helped me see the landscape in very different way, and find grace and charm in natures most unexpected corners. Clean lines and basic shapes really appeal to me, and I use them to try give an uncluttered and elegant feel to my images.

As you may have guessed from my portfolio, I have a great love for the ocean. The sea is where I go when I am happy or when I am sad. It has the ability to refresh and centre me, no matter the circumstance. It soothes and calms me, even when I don't think I need it.

A lot of the photographs I take of the sea are not freezing milliseconds, but summarising minutes. The camera watches the scene unfold over many seconds, or minutes in some cases, which creates an image that summarises what the ocean looked like over that time. This smoothes out the waves and ripples and ultimately results in a photograph that reflects the calm and peace I feel when photographing the ocean.

Nature is not my only influence, architecture and man-made structures can be equally inspiring, especially when they are set against one of the beautiful backdrops that nature provides.

My workspace on a rare tidy day.

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